Daniel Goldman


Daniel Goldman


A song in Chinese

One way of practicing language is to sing songs, but with Chinese this isn’t necessarily a great way to practice. For one, the Chinese pretty much don’t apply tones when they are singing, so without a text (which often accompany videos) Chinese songs can be rather difficult to understand. Another thing is, you need to …

Some new paintings

painting of Oliver 2016

Since the exhibition, I’ve been wanting to paint somewhat larger paintings, and though these are still not very big (40×50 cm and 50x60cm), they are big enough that something besides the face fits in the picture. The backgrounds in both pictures are largely invented – in the painting of Prianka, I made up everything, and …

An exhibition!

I exhibited my paintings for the first time last weekend!  Although the event was marred by the fact that my friend and colleague, Jiska Engelke broke her ankle while setting up the show (a ladder slipped), we both enjoyed a great exhibition with over 300 appreciative guests. The event was called Kunstwerk im Viertel (artwork …