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Here is an acoustic cover of a song by 往峰 (Wang Feng) called 春天里 (Chuntian Li – In Spring) If you like it, try googling the original version, it’s a lot better :p

  1. Chuntian Li Daniel Goldman 2:59


Today I made the effort to record a song on the computer instead of on
my phone – here it is:

  1. Jenny is sitting in the pumpkin patch Daniel Goldman 2:14

Recently, whenever I improvise something I like on my guitar, I just record it on my phone, which is a lot more conducive to playing music than first jumping through the hoops of my sequencer software. This playlist shows some of the ideas I’ve had recently.

  1. frets 5&3 Daniel Goldman 1:47
  2. pretty fine blues Daniel Goldman 1:13
  3. Underneath the surface Daniel Goldman 2:17
  4. 3rd capo cut Daniel Goldman 1:47
  5. Longer idea Daniel Goldman 1:15

And here are a few songs for children that I recorded in 2003:

  1. HeadnShoulders2 Daniel Goldman 1:33
  2. Old MacD2 Daniel Goldman 3:06
  3. Finger Games4 Daniel Goldman 3:52

And here is some old stuff, recorded when I lived in Berlin:

  1. movin' on (no regrets) Daniel Goldman 3:23
  2. Neo Rennaissance Man 3 Daniel Goldman 1:55
  3. Valentinos Daniel Goldman 5:43
  4. 1. Nasty Beach Song Daniel Goldman 4:42
  5. Angels in the Sun Daniel Goldman 5:58

3 Comments on “Music”

  1. I had no idea you had gotten this good on guitar. These are wonderful. Whimsical, lovely, jazzy. Wow.

  2. I love “Angels in the Sun” wish someone would publish/sing it ….so the whole world could hear it. It is magical!

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