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Jiska's studio turned gallery

Jiska’s studio turned gallery

I exhibited my paintings for the first time last weekend!  Although the event was marred by the fact that my friend and colleague, Jiska Engelke broke her ankle while setting up the show (a ladder slipped), we both enjoyed a great exhibition with over 300 appreciative guests.

The event was called Kunstwerk im Viertel (artwork in the quarter), a yearly happening in which local artists open up their studios for a weekend.  This year, Jiska had invited me to appear as a guest artist in her studio, which for me was a remarkable honor.  We decided both to present portraits.  My paintings hung on the right side of the room, and hers were on the left and in the back.  I showed 6 paintings, all but one of which I had painted during the last year.


Daniel in front of his paintings

Me in front of my paintings

Jiska in front of her paintings

Jiska in front of her paintings


As a particular point of interest, Jiska and I each showed a painting that we had simultaneously painted of each other.  Her painting can be seen on the easel next to the picture of her, and mine is here:

Painting of Jiska

Jiska 2015

Another highlight was on Saturday evening when we invited a number of our models to appear holding portraits we had painted of them.

models and paintings

models and paintings

Showing my work in public felt like a big step for me, and it felt good to be perceived as an artist.  I felt comfortable showing my work, and was thrilled every time a guest spent some time in front of one of my paintings.  I hope that I’ll have another opportunity to show my work, but in any case, I feel quite inspired to move on to new territory.sonnenstrahlena

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