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painting of Oliver 2016

Some new paintings

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Since the exhibition, I’ve been wanting to paint somewhat larger paintings, and though these are still not very big (40×50 cm and 50x60cm), they are big enough that something besides the face fits in the picture. The backgrounds in both pictures are largely invented – in the painting of Prianka, I made up everything, and in the painting of Oliver, I based the scene on a photograph.  Here they are:

painting of Oliver 2016

Oliver 2016

Painting of Prianka 2016

Prianka 2016

2 Comments on “Some new paintings”

  1. They are both wonderful paintings, Daniel. I especially like the details; Prianka’s hands, Oliver’s chin, the colors in the background of both. I’ve seen your painting off and on for over 30 years and you continue to grow–which is weird, at our age!

  2. Daniel-
    Beautifully painted background in the Oliver painting. It looks like there is a story here because of the expression on his face, makes me want to look longer to figure it out. Oh, yes what I am getting at is this is also expressive and interesting…
    Painting of Prianka has great color, looks a bit “posed” but again, lovely character study.

    Thanks for sharing.

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