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Painting of the Weserwehr in Bremen

Das Weserwehr 2016

Painting the weserwehr was a lot of fun, but also something of an ordeal. The day I planned to go, the weather didn’t look good, so I just took my sketchbook and made some sketches. when I got home, I started the painting based on the sketches. The next day, the weather looked a bit better, so I packed my stuff (I was very proud of having managed to carry everything I needed on my bicycle, including a table and an easel) and set off for the site. It turned out that the weather was not much better than the day before. In fact, it was so windy that I had to tie the painting to the easel and the easel to the railing to keep everything from blowing away. Much of the time that I was painting, I had a tight grip on the painting with my left hand. At one point it actually did start to rain, but luckily it only lasted for 15 minutes and I was able to continue.

Painting the weserwehr.

Painting the weserwehr.

As to the painting, I found it really interesting to try to paint water, and I swear I did see some purple out there, though not so much as remained in the painting. I guess I just liked the color, so I kept it.

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  1. Hello Daniel –
    I have been meaning to get to look at your blog to see your latest painting. This is a beautiful piece of work. I think the composition is well thought out and the color expresses a windy, cloudy day. You DO realize your work is getting better and better? Your hard work and I think your methodological approach seem to work really well for you. Your description of what it takes to do plein aire painting is hilarious. It also speaks to the kind of determination it takes to paint outdoors. I always think it is worth it because it changes your relationship to the subject. It is HUGE, and you are a small part of it.

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